Water Ice#

Catchy Phrase

In the winter’s grasp, the world is cold,
A frozen beauty to behold,
A landscape cloaked in ice and snow,
A wonderland where nature glows.

And there amidst the frozen scene,
A sight so simple, yet so keen,
A crystal substance, clear as glass,
A frozen form of liquid mass.

Water ice, a frozen treat,
A thing of wonder, cool and neat,
A substance formed when temps descend,
A beauty that seems to never end.

It sparkles in the bright sunlight,
A diamond in the winter’s light,
A thing of beauty, oh so rare,
A sight that we can only stare.

So let us pause and take a breath,
And bask in water ice’s wealth,
A marvel of this world we see,
A thing of beauty, wild and free.

– Vince (& ChatGPT)



Water Molecule

Condensed phase

Water Models

Hexagonal Ice


  • Introduction

    • Water molecule

      • Vibrational modes

    • Phase diagram

  • Water in the condensed phase

    • Moledular interaction

      • Hydrogen bonds

    • Crystalisation

  • The solid landscape

    • Hexagonal Ice

      • Crystal structure

  • Amorphous Ice

    • Amorphous vs crystaline ice

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Water molecule#

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Some general comments about water

  • Why we are interested in it