Thesis Aim#

This page summarise the Science questions adressed in this work (Thesis Part 1)

Chapter 3#

» Amorphous Ice

ASW structure

  • Is there a high density - low density forms of ASW dependant on the Deposition temperature (around 80K ?)


  • Are the depositions of ASW reliable (ie what are the source of discrepencies between the different depositions)
    Hypothesis: Thickness play a big role Ivestigation: 02_09 sample (multiple small deposition steps)

    • If we perform a deconvolution of OH stretch, is it reliable ?

  • Amorphous ice are free from long range ordering but is there a short range arrangement in ASW ?

  • Can we describe the short range ordering using a network of hydrogen bonds

Chapter 4#

» ASW Crystalisation


  • What order

Chapter 5#

» Ethane ice

We have produced a variety of ethane (only) depositions at various Temperature:

  • 20

  • 40

  • 60


  • Does our sample are in agreement with the values (Absorption peaks) found in the litterature


  • Do we see a phase transition during the Isotherm scans and if so,

    • Can we obtain some kinetics about the phase transition

» Ethane + water

Variety of depositions condition

  • Mixture

  • Layers

  • Sandwish