Stars & Planet Formation#

From the darkness of the void it came,
A dust grain so small, without a name,
Born in the depths of a molecular cloud,
It swirled and twirled, floating about.

As time passed by, the dust grew more,
And soon joined others, forming a core,
Together they swirled in a cosmic dance,
Spinning and twirling in a cosmic trance.

As the core grew, it formed a disk,
A protoplanetary disk, so grand and brisk,
The dust particles collided and stuck,
Growing bigger and bigger, they were in luck.

The disk spun faster and faster still,
And soon, the dust particles began to fill,
The gaps and spaces between each other,
Forming protoplanets, one after another.

From the darkness of the void, they emerged,
Planets, so grand, and so diverged,
Each with a unique story to tell,
Of how they formed, in this cosmic carousel.

And so, the dust grain’s journey was done,
From a dark molecular cloud to a shining sun,
A story of growth, of change, and wonders
Of how we’re all connected, from dust to brothers.

– Vince (& ChatGPT)


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Step by Step#


Setting up the Stage#


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Star formation#

Protoplanetary Disks#

Planet building blocks#