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Session 2 - March 2023#

Panel discussion - Using Data to answer scientific question#


  • Dr Charanjit Kaur

  • Dr Pierre Ghesquierre

  • Cat

  • Astra

  • Andrew Cassidy

**Chair**: Amber

Variability of data processing between disciplines

Hard, we don’t speak the same language

Data from different sources, how to compare

Amber - Building a molecular Nitrogen clock#

Searches for dark matter

Are fundamental constants constant?

Standard model says yes but standard model

  • QSNET consortium

    • µ (proton - electron mass ratio) vs alpha

Quantum clock#

  • clock:

    • oscilator

    • reference

    • counter

same with quantum - laser interacting with molecule oscillating from state 1 to state 2

Natasha - Sussex#


Very cool explanation of what BEC is and nice results

Bose Einstein condensates - quantum phase

  • condensed matter and quantum information

Bose einstein condensates#


  • Low T: de Briglie wavelength

  • T = Tcrit: Bose Einstein condensation

Qauntum phase#

Radio frquency dressing#

  • Matter wave interference

Is it coherent splitting

Timothy Leese Scalable Quantum computing#


Cool introduction to quantume sensing, Great diagram

Qubits -> Quantume sensors (ex quantum clocks)

Qubit lose information through decay & dephasing

How can we reduce the information that we loose

  • Great diagram

Siobhan Patrick Quantum computing#


Very comprehensive, nice work

cold neutral atoms manipulated by light

  • qubits

How can you trap atoms ?

  • Optical

Quantume gates#

  • NOT (1 qbit)

  • CNOT (2 qbit)

Rydberg atom

Laser cooling: Magneto optical trap (MOT)

3 pairs of beams

  • Dipole traps: trap small groups or indiv atoms

Measuring Temperature#

Gas expansion

Discussion Panel: Open Dialogue in Physics#

How did the dialogue kept open during covid#

Opening Keynote: Catxere Casacio#


On December 10, 2008 Osamu Shimomura, Martin Chalfie and Roger Tsien were awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for “the discovery and development of the green fluorescent protein, GFP

Life on the edge (John templeton foundation) - Surrey university

  • 5 groups - Cat is: Experimental quantum biology in the lab

Coherence: ripple - interference (classical but quantum correspondance)

Decoherence: : big waves,

Edge means understanding the processes at the interface of quantum and classic (between femto and pico second processes)

  • Sample: Green fluorescent protein - 3 aminoacides (chromophore)

    • Absorption 10-15 s

    • Emission 10-9 s

What happen in between ?

Dimers protein, energy interaction, coherency

Attach cysteine allow attachement of protein to DNA

  • Absorption/Emission same -> Attachment to DNA doesn’t modify physical properties of GFP

Anisotropy (What does it mean in that context)

Transient Absorption spectroscopy

Session 1 - September 2022#

What a delightfull parentheses that was on this early September 2022 in Southampton at the student conference Open Dialogues across Physics and Astronomy. Wonderfully chaired by Astra Sword who invited students and accademics from phyics, astronomy and related fields, to welcome interdisciplinary talk and open dialogues around underlooked issue in Physics and Accademia. This conference was a perfect example of kindness …

My contribution#

Poster that I presented

Conference highligts#

Mes “coups de coeur”

Diversity and inclusion#

Great representation

Conference dinner (of course)#

It’s been a while since I haven’t done a Conference, the reason being that since two years, they are mostly online. I mean, what is the point if you can’t have a chat with your

Note Catxere

I couldn’t finished my sentence during our discussion so here it is.

When I imagine a new world, I think about it as a planetary scaled Communist organisation, in the sense of global collection , organisation and distribution of the Earth ressources. As such, the whole humanity can ensure that we don’t extract more than what we actually need and can perform those tasks in the most possible efficient way (energy saving). Of course, I don’t see the Earth governed by a single human and deep in my heart, I also like my country and it’s borders.

PhD hidden curriculum, kindness#