Open Source Ecocystem#

There is currently a lot of Open Tools available on the market. The biggest difficulties is to actually find them sor here is a quick overview of those I found so far

To include:


Open Science #

‣ ‣ Prerequisites #

I have written two blogposts that I think are good introduction to the topic of Open Research. Click on the cards to know more

Scientifique Publication

Open Science

‣ ‣ Guides #

The Turing Way #

Great source of documentation for open data science.

The Turing Way


Tools #

‣ ‣ Overview #


Fig. 24 Source#

To expolore:

‣ ‣ Be mindfull #


Fig. 25 Source#

Above are some Research tools owned by Elsevier. Now remember that half of Elsevier profit come from analytics

If you are not paying for a service; You are the product being sold.

Open Research#

A Good Guide#

The Turing Way#



Open Science Tools#

  • Paragraph to explain in plain text the aformentioned benefits

I guess for me, if I had to pick only one, the best advantage is the ability to take notes informaticaly. I have never been consistent in taking hand written notes, and would often leave them uncomplitted, all over the place … a real nightmare.

  • Link with Semantic web cf Project Roadmap (Anchored)



  • Flourish html embed needs entreprise account

  • RAWGraph Graph can be exported in svg (no html embed)




  • work using php -> Need to have web-hosting solution

    • Raspberry Pi web server as a free and self own hosting solution ?

Poster presentation#







Step by step guide creator#

Education websites#

As far as I am concerned#

Notebook 3000

This plateform is an incredible tool

Yet, there is some other tools:

Research Portefolio

Display my research outputs with a multitude of audiences

  • Supervisory teams

Enhanced reproducibility



Fig. 26 source: [Peng, 2011]#

  • Data is accessible zenodo

  • Code is interactive (binder), commentable (hypotesis), reproducible(Github) …

Project Management

Great as a ressource to pass on for futur people involved in a project (cf Postdoc example)

Teaching Plateform


Blog 2.0 - fitted for Research

Insert project description + aims (use pictures from touring way)

For others#

  • Prepare tutorial to get ready for Jupyter Book

  • Create a template book

Empower Researchers with an Open Toolbox to Self Publish


Other tools on the market#

Citizen Science programs#

Other cool Scientific web-sites#



Coups de 💖 perso#

Mon ami Jimi est une personne incroyable

  • Barry

Open Science#

» Communication


  • reproduce with science communication methods

Create a dialogue

The most beatifull part of having your work hosted in the internet is that people (all people, cf below) can interact with it and comment, ask questions …

  • ton de la conversation

  • Bienveillance

Dont la finalite n’est pa de generer de l’argent mais bien de creer le dialogue. Quand bien meme des possibilites de soutien financiere sont possibles.

For All Audiences

I aim to deliver content for everybody interested in Science, so let me know who you are and I will point you in the right direction.



flag alt > Anyone

flag alt > Friends/Colleagues

flag alt > Teachers

flag alt > Researchers (other fields)

flag alt > Researchers (my field)

flag alt > Supervision team

To have access to Science


Create svg diagram of scale (different level), and fish at every scale with lift to help them climb.

» Sociale & politique

agonistic publishing


  • More impact on Society

  • Enseignement

  • Créer une société de chercheurs indépendants

    • délivré de la bureaucratie qui gangrène le milieu accadémique, mais également du monopole des sociétés de publication.

I am imagining a world where researchers would be free to publish their work in their own terms, far from the current commercial scientific publication system. The internet as provided the emergence of countless open and free softwares (cf margin) that are now making this world a reality. This website is an experiment to show an exemple and highlighting all the benefits given by adopting this approach, there is a few

» Benefits for ...

You, researchers

Break free from commercial scientific publication by creating your own accademic profile. You will get a lifelong publication plateform that is self maintained and hence, owned by you. It can welcome all your scientific outputs:

  • Articles

  • Data

  • Code

  • Notes

  • Method

  • Presentations

  • Teaching

Stored, versioned, citable (via DOI) and embebeded into a prebuild web-site wich gives you the abillity to link all this content together. This promote an open, transparent and lifelong peer review process with a content that can be adapted to fit multiple audiences.

The scientific community

This website provide a hub for scientists of all fields, interested in the same research question to provide their inputs. Powerfull tool to promote colaboration between interdisciplinary researcher. I think all together we can write science collaboratively, in an Encyclopaedia 2.0 . How ? On this web-site you can:

  • Review: Wether you are a peer, a student or everything in between, you can comment and review this work using hypothesis (the three buttons on the right hand corner).

  • Comment: More general comment at the bottom of the page

  • Contribute: Writing articles within the existing content (work in progress)

Participate and create your own profile


  • Access to cutting edge science

  • New education method