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My School years up to University, are best I have lived so far and yet, I always felt very little joy spending time in a classroom despite an overwhelming curiosity. To me that always felt like a complete loss of time, needless to say it was terribly boring … Alway the same format, having to religiously listen to the teacher and copying some course material that I would have to have to learn and subsequently regurgitate during an exam to be ranked and

Scientific Journals:

  • International Journal of Information and Education Technology - link


  • Technology Acceptance Model ?



Teaching material

Editorial experiments of teaching material:

This is a brief attempt to explain how Education works.

The body of the tree represent the education system. The trunk being the common set of knowledge that we are given in highschool (which is mandatory for all, as far as I know). The branches represent the University, and at that point the system diverge into different discipline, at bachelor level and subsequently when you get to do a Master. The leafs actually represent Researches that creates new knowledge

  • Interdisciplanary Science

The orange leaf is my friend Ross, he is also studying the earliest stages of planet formation but he is a geologist (poor him I know)



Fig. 20 Education image#


Interesting Projects

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The form of the activity#


Very interesting, to read and extract

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The Future

Lifelong Peer Review

Open for Collaboration

What I would like to explore is how we can bring researchers (from various disciplines) to work together on a given problematic, rather than competing with each other. I think that such a plateform can help in promoting this collaborative approach.

  • promote collaboration rather than competition

  • L’entraide pour rendre accessible du contenue educatif de pointe, de qualite et accessible a tous!

L’emploie du ton familier (universel).

You will have to put some efforts to make it work, but you will build a tool that can follow you during your whole career.

I think it is worth a try (link to jupyter-book tuto)


Readability is the search for factors in reading material which could be easily and objectively counted.Positivist paradigm stated that reading difficulties is influenced by four factors, content, stylistic elements, format and organisation. Among these elements, factors such as vocabulary load, sentence structure, idea density and human interest appeared to be significantly related to reading difficulty. Cognitive science (date) bring a new perspective which emphasized the interactive nature of reading and the constructive nature of comprehension. Comprehension is related to the cognitive process of searching for meaning, that is no longer viewed as coming from the text, but, rather, from the readers mind in interaction with the text.

Because of its collaborative nature, and the ability to collect readers experience, I think this web-site can be a great research plateform to investigate readability, accrose the full spectrum of audiences.

High readibility (process of matching the reader and the text) by allowing the readers () to navigate



  • Use that vocabulary to generate specific tags for the research produced



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